Getting Started Guide

Setting it All Up

What's First?

Once you have changed your DNS settings (as shown in the Dns Changes guide) and your website shows up, it will display a default page from us so you know that your domain is pointing towards our server. The first thing you need to do is login to your control panel by: typing, click on 'file manager', click on 'public_html' (this is where your web files reside), and delete the index.php file.

Uploading Your Site

There are two ways in which you can go about this:

a) Using the upload function in cPanel's File Manager:
This is useful for uploading a few files, if your site has less than 15 pages this is usually a quicker option, to do this: login to your cPanel, click on 'file manager' navigate to 'public_html' and click on the folder, once in the 'public_html' folder click on upload files. You will now be able to browse your computer to find the web files, click on upload and you're done.

You can view our tutorial on File Manager in our Video tutorials section.

b) FTP (file transfer protocol):
This can take longer as it requires you to download software and then connect it to your account, but is the only way to upload a lot of file's with out uploading them one by one.

To do this:
you will firstly need to download an FTP client, connect your account to the ftp client, once it is connected it will show all the files and folder in your account, click on the 'public_html' folder and upload all of your folders and files using the upload button.

More infomation on FTP, Free FTP software, and connecting to your account is available in our knowledgebase.

My site is up - what now?
That's it! You can now go and add email accounts (adding email tutorial) and promote your site on the net.

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