Pre-sales Guide

Covering the Basics

Our pre-sales guide explains some of the fundamental basics of Website Hosting. We will begin by explaining the definitions of certain words and how they work following, how to get your website up and running with ease.

If there is anything you do not quite understand or would like a more elaborate understanding please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Web Hosting:

Web hosting enables you to place a website or files on a web server, which others may view on the internet. In addition to providing storage, known as web space, web hosting typically incorporates a number of other services and features such as email and sub-domains.

Web hosting is provided by web hosts, like Smp Business Hosting, who operate and maintain web servers designed for the purpose of hosting websites and other content.In addition to operating servers web hosts also maintain large and constant connections to the internet to ensure fast and uninterrupted access to your files.

In simple terms each web page is a file (in this case you are viewing presales_guide.php, .php is a web file, like .html) you simply create your website files sign up for a hosting account and upload them to the web server through your account.

Domain Names

A domain name (URL) is an address which enables people to find your website or send you an email. For example:

Domain names are available in several different extensions e.g., .com, .org, .net, .biz and many more. Domains are rented by website owners typically subscribed on a yearly basis. When signing up for a business web or email hosting you can choose to purchase a domain from us, alternatively you can use one that you have purchased elsewhere.

DNS - pointing the domain to the server.

For the domain name to locate the web server the website files are stored on it uses dns. Dns (Domain name system) in simple terms locates the server the files are stored on through an ip (internet protocol) such as This also translates into the URL to make it possible for people to remember.

When you order your account you will receive a welcome message which will include the dns address, if you ordered your domain from a different location you will have to edit dns1 and dns2 yourself with the ones mentioned e.g.

What about getting the website?

There are quite a few options out there that you can take advantage of, all of which depend on what you need the site to do and the impact you wish it to have.

Website Design:
Website design by professionals is always a good choice for many different reasons for example a professionally designed site will be created to your exact specifications and will have a greater impact, it is organic and unique compared to the option of using a website builder or web-templates. It will also be configured and optimized to reach and target the audience you require it to. The greatest and most significant fact about professional design is that it will look and feel professional and margin for features and application incorporated into it. However the biggest negative of professional design is the cost, as it is extremely rare that you will find a decent design firm charging less than £150-200. The price is definitely worth it, though you should consider if it is the right option for you.

Website Builder:
Website builders are a fantastic option without spending any money. They are generally easy to use and can produce a fairly nice effect, our website builder gives you a rather large selection of template designs you can select from. The negatives being that your site will not be unique or configured specifically for you.

Website Templates:
Website templates are great for those with some basic knowledge of html coding that need a free or cheap website. Professional templates are more expensive but have a far greater visual impact than free ones. Website templates are not an ideal option for those who have not ventured in basic html coding before and have the same negative points as the website builder.

In conclusion we hope this brief guide has helped enlighten the basics of web hosting and how it works. If you do have any question or queries please feel free to bounce them off us as we will be more than happy to assist you with an answer.

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