Dns Changes Guide

Making the Change Easy

What is DNS?

The DNS (Domain Name Server) tells the domain where to locate the server so it can connect to it. Think of it like a post code, if you don't put the recipients post code on your mail the post office won't know where to send it. Domains act in the same way if they don't have the DNS the internet doesn't know what server to send your request to.

Making the Changes!

Every register has a different procedure for changing your domains DNS, however they are all done basically the same way. The welcome email you received from us provides you with the name servers you need to change your domain to. You will then take those name servers to wherever you bought your domain, and fill them in for your domain name.

Your name servers should look something like:

• ns1.smpbusinesshosting.com
• ns2.smpbusinesshosting.com

(do not use the above unless told so in your welcome email)

Usually once you have logged into your account on your domain provider's website they will have an option to manage your domain, click on it, select the domain, and select the change dns option.


If you can't figure out how to change your sites dns contact whomever or wherever you bought your domain name from. They will be able to assist you in making the changes or direct you to their FAQ on how it's done. Alternatively contact our Support Dept. and we will assist you.

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