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Smp Knowledge Base: Billing
What payment methods do you accept?
Can you give me detiailed overview on Billling?
Can I up/down grade at any point & how does it work?
My Payment subscription didn't work - why & what do I do?
How do I cancel my account?

Smp Knowledge Base: cPanel
How do I log into my cPanel (control panel)?
Do you have a manual for our control panel?
Need Help with something in cPanel?
How do I move my sites from my old host to Smp B.H.?
What is Fantastico?
Why can't I login to my cPanel or Webmail?

Smp Knowledge Base: DNS Questions
en will my domain start working?
How do I change my domains DNS?
Smp Knowledge Base: Email
How do I create email accounts?
How do I log into webmail?
What is my incoming and outgoing mail server?

Smp Knowledge Base: FTP
Where can I get a free FTP programme?
Why are my files not uploading?
How do I setup/ connect my ftp programme?
My FTP is really slow and keeps disconnecting. Why?
Why does my FTP fail to connect?

Smp Knowledge Base: Pre-Sales Questions
Will Smp Business Hosting place adds on my site?
Can I up/down grade at anypoint, & how does it work?
How long will it take to setup my account?
Can I host my friends sites?
What do I need to do after I have Ordered
Can I pay Monthly or Yearly?
Are there any hidden costs?
What opperating system are your servers running on?
Smp Knowledge Base: Site Builder
Is your site builder free?
How do I install the Soholaunch site builder?

Smp Knowledge Base: Software Versions
What Version of cPanel are you using?
What version of PHP are you using?
What version of MySQL are you using?
What version of perl are you using?
What version of ImageMagik or GD are you using?

Smp Knowledge Base: Terms and Policies
Why do I have to read your TOS & what is it about?
Do I have to read your Privacy Policy to use your services?


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Terms of Service
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