Video Tutorials

Give Your Clients a Visual Aid!

Custom Video Tutorials can help you and your clients. We can create custom video tutorials on any subject tailored to meet your needs. It is a fact that roughly 50% of client questions 'are how do I' by providing a video tutorial you can show your clients exactly 'how to' and cut down on support requests. All tutorials will be branded with your website/company logo.

Do you have any examples?

Yes we have created some demos for our clients to help them understand exactly how to perform some operations within the website control panel. Here is an example: Creating an Email account (opens in a new window), or visit our tutorial section for more.

How much does a custom demo cost?

This depends on complexity but generally costs between £10-20 for a single tutorial, however the more tutorials needing created the less you will pay for each one.

So what do I need to do to get a custom tutorial?

Firstly you will need to email with a brief description of what you require doing, and provide us a link to the application that the tutorial will be about. We will then have a look and send a quote based upon the complexity with further instructions